• We do not have SLA for gamers on our wireless network... gaming is at client own pearl
  • Seeding on torrents affect download speed, Torrents is not prioritized on our network
  • We reset / reboot routers at least twice a day in order to run a reasonable contentious service, meaning that the service do not run 24hrs 7 days a week... you will experience minimal down time normally scheduled after peak.
  • In High Risk areas we will now and then experience minimal unscheduled down time if / when cables are stolen and backup batteries have run dry or stolen. 
  • There's no warranty on quality of services to clients connecting on an adoc basis to our network (which includes extenders whether supplied by us or not).
  • There's no warranty on quality of services on equipment installed and setup by clients connecting to our network.
  • Upto means in terms of uncapped and shaped means.... that at that specific connecting site, a dedicated amount of speed is supplied... the speed would be a sharing pool of 1:10 dependent on speed supplied. E.g.
    • If 20 megs speed is supplied to a repeater and 10 users connect thereto... During a peak of 10 users on the same package... say 4megs... then 20 megs will be devided equally by 10 users. This is auto shaping the clients in terms of being fair to all users.
      As the different clients finish with their needs, the remaining clients speed automatically increase.
    • During the general network peak a percentage of throughput to clients, depending on their package, gets shaped according to policies which can be up to 25% throttling.
    • Uncapped and unshaped means whatever speed there is up to the package taken... on the same terms as 1 above... without throttling policy.
  • Low latency can occur when many clients accesses the internet / network or various servers at the same time, such experiences can have a negative effect on gamers, and low latency is normally but not necessarily bound to peak times. Priority is given to email and normal browsing in general.

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