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PLEASE NOTE: Without Prejudice.
  • We do not have SLA for gamers on our wireless network. Gaming is at client own pearl
  • Seeding on torrents affect download speed, Torrents is not prioritized on our network
  • We reset / reboot routers at least twice a day in order to run a reasonable contentious service, meaning that the service do not run 24 hours 7 days a week... you will experience minimal down time normally scheduled after peak.
  • In High-Risk areas we will now and then experience minimal unscheduled down time if/when cables are stolen and backup batteries have run dry or stolen.
  • There's no warranty on quality of services to clients connecting on an adhoc basis to our network (which includes extenders whether supplied by us or not).
  • we reserve the right to discontinue support to a client/site if they have discontinued a connective service for more 3 months or more.
  • we reserve the right to remove an access point facing towards a client if they have not made use of our service within a period of 3 months.
  • There's no warranty on quality of services on equipment installed and setup by clients connecting to our network.
  • Up-to in terms of uncapped /shaped means; that at that specific connecting site, a dedicated amount of speed is supplied. The speed would be a sharing pool of 1:10 dependent on speed supplied. E.g.
    • If 20 megs speed is supplied to a repeater and 10 users connect thereto... During a peak of 10 users on the same package... say 4 megs... then 20 megs will be divided equally by 10 users. This is auto shaping the clients in terms of being fair to all users.
    • As the different clients finish with their needs, the remaining clients speed automatically increase.
    • During the general network peak a percentage of throughput to clients, depending on their package, gets shaped according to policies which can be up to 25% throttling.
    • Uncapped and unshaped means whatever speed there is up to the package taken... on the same terms as 1 above... without throttling policy.
  • High latency can occur when many clients accesses the internet / network or various servers at the same time, such experiences can have a negative effect on gamers, and high latency is normally, but not necessarily bound to peak times. Priority is given to email and normal browsing in general.
  • We do have a call-out fee subject to change without notice servicing and realignment of equipment (which can be waivered if the call-out service is due to Megamax cause or fault)
  • We do not give life time Guarantee or Warrantees (Maximum 12 months – see below)
  • We do have a one-year warrantee on equipment installed by ourselves which can include swop out if needed within the first six months of installation
  • We do have a 7-day cool-off period
  • We are not liable for any damages caused by our installation as instructed and or agreed by yourself and or the removal of equipment as per client request
  • Our Guarantee only covers external equipment supplied by us, and not 3rd party internal extenders and Wi-Fi routers
  • Wireless Technology works on condition that there is Line of Sight (LOS)
  • There is no Guarantee on any wireless system / equipment in terms of after successful installation and commissioning of equipment and confirmed working within the first 7 days and based on following:
    • Frequency Noise Pollution (Which can change without warning) caused by own or neighboring Microwaves, stoves, fridges, electronic equipment, overhead cables etc.
    • Acts of God (wind / storm blowing antenna out of positioning, lighting, rain, plant growth etc.) (You are advised to install a surge protector on your own behalf or to trim tree foliage in the way of LOS or advice municipality to fell / trim tree on your own behalf for whatever valid reason)
    • Building construction completed in front of client obscuring LOS after commissioning of system.
  • We vigorously block all pornography sites to promote safe viewing for kids.

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